New Toy Alert!

I’ve officially signed up to run a half marathon in November in Richmond so I’ve been getting a little more serious about running lately.  I chose a half marathon because I wanted a significant challenge, but I didn’t want to limit myself to running for months. A typical half marathon training plan incorporates a significant amount of cross training, which is perfect for me.  Plus I don’t think I really have the time to commit to the three and four hour runs that happen towards the end of a marathon training plan.

Since I’m being a little more methodical about my running lately I decided it was time to  get a Garmin to help track my runs.  

I saw a post on Skinny Runner, a really hilarious running blog, about a new lesser priced Garmin that was recently released.  I figured it was the perfect option for me because a. Garmins can be pretty expensive and I don’t need that many bells and whistles, and b. it’s pink.

Now that I have it, I can go running outside and track my pace, distance, time, and calories.  It’s awesome!  I used to just guess how far I ran based on the time it took.  Plus I think it makes me run faster.  I know I usually run slower outside than on the treadmill but now that I know my pace outside, it motivates me to go faster.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to run and wants to track their progress.  Not only does it eliminate the guessing game, but it makes me excited to get a new PR in my training runs!

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