Last Five

Here are the last five songs I’ve downloaded, and am currently listening to on repeat:

1. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake, This song took me a couple listens to understand an appreciate, but now I can’t get enough.  I’ve had it on my iPod for about a month now and I still listen to it constantly.  The video gets a little artsy and deep, but I guess that’s Timberlake for you.

2. Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore, As I mentioned in my Monument 10K wrap up, this is a great work out song.  Whenever it comes on during a cardio session I immediately correct my pace. It’s so energizing, and frankely Macklemore is just fabulous.

3. Clarity by Zedd Featuring Foxes, This was a song I fell in love with from the radio. It has a little bit of an electronic/dance vibe to it and it’s just fun. A great combination of vocals and a beat.

4. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharell, I die for this song. The video kills me. I don’t think you could put together a trio that I would like more than these three guys.  I alreadly love T.I. and Pharell, but Robin Thicke is so good looking.  Sign me up.

5. Cups by Anna Kendrick, This song is kind of delayed release of a song that Anna Kendrick preformed in Pitch Perfect. I’m so glad they remixed it a little to make it longer and released it to the radio. It’s such a great melody, and a cute, throw back song.blurredlines


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