Top Three Beauty Gadgets

At a recent Chi O gathering at Primrose Manor, Sadie inspired me to create my Top 3 beauty gadgets.  We all have beauty secrets and here are some of mine.

1. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover – You can find this great gadget at for only a small investment of $30.  It even comes with a replacement pumice stone cartridge.  After acquiring long hours of standing on my feet at the bakery, this certainly has been put to use.  I now have smooth feet and I no longer fear having my beau my feet.emjoi

2.  Hairmax Luxe Hair Growth Laser – This is a large investment but worth it if you have hereditary baldness in your family tree.  I have only had it for a month but I can tell the difference already.  You can check out the testimonials for yourself at  You have to shell out $400 for this product but QVC gives you four months to try it and if you’re not happy with your progress you can return it for a full refund.



3.  Forever Free Facial Hair Remover – You can find this minor investment at for only $18.  I love this item for shaping eyebrows.  It’s a painless way to rid yourself of that unibrow.  I use the attachment to keep my eyebrows in check by giving them a nice trim to keep the single strands at similar lengths.  A lady never wants to be known for her out of control eyebrows.

forever free

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