Beginning of Awards Season!

So as you probably know, last night was the Golden Globes. Last year I saw almost every movie that was nominated, but this year I’m kind of out of the loop, and I’ve only seen a couple. And even though I’m a regular TV watcher, apparently none of my shows are award worthy. So let’s put the actual awards aside and talk fashion.

I was a little surprised with the fashion this year. I felt like the mid-range big famous actresses were kind of boring and predictable. But as I flipped through the red carpet pictures, the real stunners were a lot of younger actresses that I don’t recognize, plus the older women have really gotten it together. No more are the women north of 60 wearing boring mother-of-the-bride-esque frocks, they had some real stunners this year!

Here are a few actresses/dresses that stood out to me. (I got all the pics from the gallery of arrivals)

The Best:

Elisabeth Moss: Sometimes Elisabeth Moss makes some questionable fashion choices, but I think this one is a perfect combination of interesting, flattering, and fashionable.


Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren: I think this is pretty self explanatory.


Kate Beckinsale: Oh, hello movie star! I know head to toe metallic is done quite often, but I think this is a worthy version. It might not be high fashion but I think Kate knows what she’s doing here.


Margot Robbie: This is apparently the girl in Wolf of Wall Street. I had to look her up because I haven’t seen that movie. I think this dress is the perfect balance of fashion, sex appeal, bling, and a flattering silhouette. Well done! (but I’m not sure about the shoes…)


The Worst:

Sandra Bullock: Really Sandra? You can do better than this. She’s been doing so well in her recent press junkets for her movies, but this shiny color blocking with the hi-low hem is just too many trends in one dress. This reminds me a little of when the fairies had a fight over Sleeping Beauty’s dress color.


Kaley Cuoco Sweeting: I think this dress is just kind of blah. I bet the print and the colors look better in person, but it just comes across pretty muddy to me. Kaley is always a free spirit on the red carpet, I guess this is what happens.


Zooey Deschanel: I might get some flack for this, but while I like the idea of this dress, I’m not a fan of wearing such a pale color dress with porcelain skin. I think it really washes her out. I get her whole retro aesthetic, but between the color and the cut of the sleeves and the skirt, it’s not working for me.


Lena Dunham in Zac Posen: I don’t think it’s particularly flattering either in color or shape, and I feel like this silhouette/fabric has been done so many times. It’s a big step forward for her, but not interesting.


What are your thoughts?

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