New to Me

Here are a few recent discoveries that I’ve made that might not really be new, but they’re new to me!

1. The TV show Parenthood on NBC. This show definitely flies below the radar. It’s not a scandalous reality show, trendy drama, or hilarious sitcom. It came on right after another show I was watching a few weeks ago, and I’ve started to get hooked. It has plenty of big stars: Lauren Graham, Ray Romano, Dax Shepard, etc, which sometimes backfires, but all the characters are so down to earth in this show, that all the ensemble cast of big names really works.


2. Almond butter. I realize that all the fitness and healthy lifestyle bloggers have been putting almond butter and other exotic nut butters in their oatmeal for years now, but I’m new on the bandwagon. I’m kind of obsessed with Justin’s brand almond butter with maple syrup. I love it in oatmeal, or with carrots as an afternoon snack.


3. Toms shoes. I needed a pair of commuting shoes that fit between Ugg and Rainbow seasons. Something for the 40-60 degree days in the spring and the fall. I like to wear different shoes while I’m commuting so I can be comfortable and preserve my work shoes a little longer. Usually Toms are about $50, but of course the ones that caught my eye were about twice as expensive. While I don’t think they’re supper supportive walking shoes, they’ve been great for commuting and weekend errands so far!


4. Squeegees! I enjoy a clean house. I think I’ve mentioned that before. The main window in my living room is three sliding doors that lead out to my balcony, and I noticed they were getting dingy. I attempted to clean them with Windex and a paper towel, and they came out very streaky. Not OK. So the other day, when I was cruising the cleaning aisle in Target, the squeegees caught my eye. The rest is mirror and window cleaning history.

Squeaky clean!

5. The TV show Southern Charm on Bravo. This one is new to me and everyone else because it just premiered a few weeks ago. It’s similar to some of Bravo’s other recent reality show about 20, 30, and 40 somethings living the good life in a fun city (i.e. Shahs of Sunset, 100 Days of Summer, etc.). This one is about a bunch of well-off friends in Charleston, SC. It’s such a beautiful change of scenery from the standard LA or NYC, and I’m already totally hooked. Bravo gets me every time!


Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Dresser

We all know it’s the time of year where we like to start bringing out our spring and summer clothing.  Though it is hard to believe warmer weather is right around the corner (especially after the six inches of snow South Jersey got last night), it is time to start thinking about reorganizing your closet.  If you’re not quite ready to dig out those spring/summer clothes, try reorganizing your dresser to get a new clean fresh look.  I actually stole the idea below from Sadie when I last visited her.  It’s a great idea to organize your hair products and perfumes.  It also makes it look very classy.  I used a silver serving tray that I had lying around that never got used.  I gave it a good polishing and it gave my dresser a whole new look.  It also made me organize everything around it.  I have an owl necklace stand compliments of Karla and an earring carousel on my dresser as well.

I have a lot of jewelry.  One of the drawers of my dresser is made specifically for jewelry organization.  However, the one next to it was just a felt-lined drawer.  I have a lot of vintage costume jewelry from my grandmother that needed to be organized in something other than their original boxes to allow me to see what I had to choose from.  I saw on Pinterest that teacups can be placed in drawers to organize jewelry.  I happened to have some extra expresso cups and saucers lying around that I never put to use.  I repurposed them into something great.  I can now see all my options.  Try it and I guarantee you will love the easy access to all your beautiful accessories!

Last Five

songs I downloaded on iTunes (girly edition).

1. “Bobblehead” by Christina Aguilera. I think this is a little bit of a throw back. I heard part of it on this youtube video and I looked it up. It definitely has a gimmicky sound that could be annoying to some, but I like having a little variety in the mix.

2. “The Wire” by HAIM. So this was a song I saw on VH1 about a month ago (does anyone still watch VH1 anymore?). And then I heard it again the other day and decided I needed more of it in my life. Usually I find songs like this boring, but HAIM got me on this one (and the video is kind of funny too).

3. “Don’t Save Me” by HAIM. This is proof that I’m hooked on HAIM. After I downloaded “The Wire, ” I decided I needed this one too. And I was right. I’m sure I’m late to the party on this band, but if it’s not on my Top 40 radio station, I don’t know it.

4. “Picking up the Pieces” by Paloma Faith. Another VH1 discovery. I guess someone has to watch Top 20 Countdown on the weekend. I saw the video while I was at the gym which means I saw it without the sound. And it was so random and strange I had to look it up. I was glad that I did.

5. “Really Don’t Care” by Demi Lovato feat. Cher Lloyd. This discovery is by way of Pandora. It came up on my One Direction station and I had to have it. It’s a great workout song, and I find it energizing during a busy day.