Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Dresser

We all know it’s the time of year where we like to start bringing out our spring and summer clothing.  Though it is hard to believe warmer weather is right around the corner (especially after the six inches of snow South Jersey got last night), it is time to start thinking about reorganizing your closet.  If you’re not quite ready to dig out those spring/summer clothes, try reorganizing your dresser to get a new clean fresh look.  I actually stole the idea below from Sadie when I last visited her.  It’s a great idea to organize your hair products and perfumes.  It also makes it look very classy.  I used a silver serving tray that I had lying around that never got used.  I gave it a good polishing and it gave my dresser a whole new look.  It also made me organize everything around it.  I have an owl necklace stand compliments of Karla and an earring carousel on my dresser as well.

I have a lot of jewelry.  One of the drawers of my dresser is made specifically for jewelry organization.  However, the one next to it was just a felt-lined drawer.  I have a lot of vintage costume jewelry from my grandmother that needed to be organized in something other than their original boxes to allow me to see what I had to choose from.  I saw on Pinterest that teacups can be placed in drawers to organize jewelry.  I happened to have some extra expresso cups and saucers lying around that I never put to use.  I repurposed them into something great.  I can now see all my options.  Try it and I guarantee you will love the easy access to all your beautiful accessories!

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