Old Stand Bys

Workout clothes might be my favorite topic. I wear them everyday, I take a lot of interest in them. I love trying out all the new fabrics, patterns, and silhouettes that the athletic apparel companies come out with, but there’s something to be said for the basics. I have pieces in my dresser that are a little pricey, crazy, or activity specific, but at the end of the day there is core wardrobe of basics that are durable, comfortable, affordable, and awesome for every workout.

Here are my favorites that I will buy until the companies discontinue the style:


This basic Under Armour tank. It usually comes in several colors, and I love it for anything from weights to Pilates to cardio. It stays put whether you’re upside down or right side up!


When it comes to a tee shirt, I love this Nike option. It’s a company staple so they come out with new colors all the time, and keep the style the same. I like it because it’s not skin tight so it’s perfect for days that I’m not looking for something comfy, but a big step up from a standard cotton tee shirt.



I think bottoms can be a little trickier than tops because they ride up, fall down, are see through when you bend over, or just plain unflattering. These ones from Under Armour though, are the definition of basic. They work for everything from spin class, to weights, to Pilates (no zipper on the back). Every time I wear these I wish I could wear them 24/7/365 because they are that comfortable.


When it comes to running I have a few requirements. I need a drawstring, a pretty high rise, and a little zipper pocket on the lower back for my keys. These Nike capris meet all the requirements, and I think I usually get an even more affordable version of these from the Nike outlet.


Based on my observations over time, I’ve realized you can go two directions for running shorts. You’re either a spandex person, or a Nike tempo (or other brand equivalents) person. I am a spandex person. Always. These are my go-tos from Nike. Comfortable, light, and a slightly longer inseam (5 in.) than the shorter version (3 in.) makes them age appropriate for everyone older than 17.


Sports Bras

I have done extensive research in this category. This is obviously very dependent on your body type, and I require maximum support. I cannot tell you how many times I have bought a sports bra because it claims to be my size and/or be extremely high impact/high support, and they just don’t live up to any of the claims (I will not name names…). Time and time again I come back to this very basic compression bra from Nike. I have tried all the imitators, but no one does a compression bra like Nike. Plus, just like all these other basics, they often release it in several colors and patterns every season.



I’m pickier than you might think when it comes to socks. After trying several of the fancier brands, it turns out Champion makes my favorite in their target line. They are the perfect combination of low profile, and fluffy. Socks are a goldilocks thing for me, they’re either too thin or too thick and fluffy, but few are just right.



I am a New Balance sneaker girl. I like the lightweight, basic nature of these ones that I’ve been ordering at a discount from DSW for a couple years now. When you find a shoe that works you need to stick with it!


What are your old stand bys, when it comes to workout gear?

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